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Simla Camps – Perfect Guidebook by Camping in Shimla Guide:

Summary of shimla camps:

Are you planning to go for a rafting and camping in Shimla? Do you know the safe procedures of rafting? Here is the ABCD for rafting in whitewater. Just go through the series.


Whitewater Rafting – a complete adventure tour that gives you extreme thrill, full entertainment and a refreshment from the daily life. In the last decade the number of rafting camps is increasing in Shimla and as per locals, a major part of these travelers are untrained. So, it becomes highly important that we publish some document that gives them the basic knowledge of whitewater rafting so that they can do it safely.

Listen to Your Soul:

The first thing, says a shimla camps guide, is to listen carefully to your soul. Rafting is an adventure trip and full of thrill and risk and you are not mentally prepared, there is a good chance you would be in danger. There are aged guides who still work as a guide and the main reason they can do it so is their mental strength. So, no matter you are a man or woman, young or aged, make sure your decision isn’t just a craze provoked by your friends or colleagues. If you are afraid, don’t be shy to say that – it can be life threatening.

Don’t Ignore Your Body while staying at shimla camps:

No matter how confident are you, if your body isn’t prepared, drop the decision? Any kind of sickness, injury or lack of energy is enough that tells you that you shouldn’t go on the trip right now. Let others go. River rafting needs extreme physical fitness along with lots of physical energy and stamina and you never should behave over confident – these rivers are too rude to unfit people. Also consult with a doc as well as your guide even if you think you are fit before leaving for the journey.

Purchase Quality Equipment for shimla camps:

These are not the right place to calculate your expense. Purchase the top quality product even if it costs high. And of course, go for the government certified products from authorized and experienced dealers. You can also rent these products, but make sure you have experienced and non-local guide with you to check the condition and quality of the products properly. An agent of camps in Shimla says, some vendor gives commission to the local guides and thus they can show green signal to a poor quality equipment as well. So, check it on your own or take help of your trainer.

Choose Rafting Grade as per Your Skill Level:

Rafting can be mild to dangerous depending upon the rapidness of water and the way through which it flows. For beginners and untrained rafters it is best to choose any of the mild streams which are highly safe for them. As your experience grows, you can choose tougher challenges where the water becomes more aggressive and you need to be highly judgmental to raft successfully. At Shimla camp you can get both type of areas – mild stream for kids or untrained rafters and extreme stream ONLY for the experts. Choose wisely and consult with your guide to remain safe.

Try on Less Aggressive Parts First:

If it is your first time or you hadn’t have drafted in the long past, it is better you choose a milder stream than you think you can do. It is also good even for the experts if this is not the team they usually raft with. It would help them to build up the communication through a safe rehearsal. And follow all the safety means regardless how safe the stream is. No one knows when a high flow comes down the hill, which is very normal in these areas.


Activities Of Shimla Camp

Bird watching
Indoor games Hiking & Trekking
Jungle walk Rock Climbing
Repling Tombola

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